…A process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health…


World Health Organization


People with CLL

The CLL journey involves contradictions and alternates between periods with and periods without treatment. Multiple questions, thoughts and feelings arise through each stage of CLL. Accurate, yet easily comprehensible medical information forms the stepping stone to upholding patient empowerment.

Living with cll

Get familiar with CLL. All the need-to-know about CLL.

coping with cll

The psychological impact of CLL and ways of overcoming obstacles.


Ways in which you can get more involved in your health care.

Healthcare professionals

The role of the healthcare professional is critical in promoting patient empowerment. Today, we have witnessed a transition from disease-centered to patient-centered healthcare. We aim at equipping the healthcare professional with the necessary skills to involve the patient in managing challenges that arise in CLL.

Working with people with cll

Develop communication skills and improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Facilitating Difficult discussions

Learn how to identify and contain challenging emotions.

Managing Challenges

Develop communication skills and improve the doctor-patient relationship.


Taking care of your own needs.


Patients, healthcare professionals, and psychologists will be discussing various topics about CLL based on their personal experiences and their expertise. The role of patients, as experts by experience, will be highlighted and patients’ inclusion in all aspects of their healthcare will be emphasized.


Get the latest information on CLL through engaging and informative animations. Our collection of animated videos aims to simplify complex concepts and provide a visually appealing way to understand CLL and its various aspects.

Latest Video

The patient journey

Following the patient journey will help you gain a better appreciation of the various roads that a patient might walk through and the possible challenges that arise in the different stages of the disease course.

CLL Empowerment

Take a short quiz to check whether your understanding of CLL is in line with the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and dispel any misconceptions you might have.

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