You may have received a CLL diagnosis quite unexpectedly, following a regular check-up or upon medical examinations for certain symptoms. The diagnosis may have come as a total surprise to you as you may have never felt ill before and had no reason to suspect the disease. Every person has their own story.
In any case, the diagnosis might seem upsetting and scary at first. Take your own time to process the new information and what it means for you. Every reaction is different and that’s totally okay.

During this stage many questions might arise:

What does “Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia” mean as a term?

What is one experiencing when they are diagnosed with it?

What should you expect in the future?

How can you deal with the psychological effects of your diagnosis?

Personal Stories

“At first, when they told me I have leukemia I wasn't very well...It was out of the blue (…) the first thing I remember asking the doctor is whether it is contagious because I have children, and grandchildren (…) I was a mess, I was in my room, I wouldn’t get out, the whole family was by my side. Yet I slowly got over it and I started living life as I normal would”. (Maria)


Diagnosis Podcast in English
Diagnosis Podcast in Greek


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