About us

Project Description

Access to reliable information is key in promoting patient empowerment. Our mission is to support people living with CLL by granting access to high-quality educational resources, pertinent to each stage along the CLL journey. We recognize that the role of healthcare professionals is critical in this process. Thus, we provide tools and tailored training material for enhancing communication and shared-decision making in medical practice.

Project Identity

We work in close collaboration with patient organizations to ensure that the delivered material is specifically tailored to patients’ needs.


Contributing Organizations

Team Members

Our Vision

Our vision is to identify and acknowledge the practical and psychological needs of patients with CLL, and empower them in both their healthcare and their personal life.

Our Aim

Developing material for both HCPs and patients, we envision to further bridge existing communication gaps and facilitate shared-decision making in medical practice.

Our Goals

We are invested in developing high quality educational material, that present scientifically accurate, yet easily comprehensible information. We are devoted to developing material, which not only educates and informs stakeholders, but also aims at providing psychological relief and support through the CLL journey.

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